Sensible Sudoku

Sensible Sudoku 2.0

A fun and carefully designed game that will challenge you

Sensible Sudoku is a fun, carefully designed game that will challenge your skills in an enjoyable experience.

Sensible Sudoku includes a pleasant interface, elegant audio and enjoyable gameplay. More than just a puzzle interface, Sensible Sudoku was designed to be a compelling experience. And at the core there's a sophisticated Sudoku engine capable of generating billions of puzzles in multiple difficulty levels.

Game features include:

  • Dynamic Sudoku puzzle generator: generate billions of unique Sudoku puzzles
  • Four difficulty settings: from Easy to Extreme level
  • All boards have unique solutions: all you need is logic, no guessing required
  • Includes pencil marks to allow annotations
  • Allows playing with incorrect numbers (harder) or without incorrect numbers (more fun)
  • Includes an option to check for incorrect numbers and undo them
  • Includes help system with cell, area and full hints as well as pencil-all
  • Auto Save/Restore game: peacefully play a puzzle as you go, when you can
  • Optimized for one-hand use: you can enter numbers with the joystick/cursor or through the keyboard
  • Elegant audio effects designed for a pleasant experience

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Sensible Sudoku


Sensible Sudoku 2.0

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